Almost every initiative or project loses momentum at some point. It’s human nature. We are very excited at the beginning but then the enthusiasm drops off. This can be described as the motivational dip (see Figure 29). The interesting thing is that this phenomenon can always be predicted. So there is no point in pretending that it won’t happen. It is far more intelligent and effective to anticipate fizzle-out and build fail-safes into your plan from the start. Check-ins, reminders, incentives and sometimes even a quiet talking-to all play their part in keeping the plan on track. Be realistic about human motivation and get practical.

Sustainable commitment needs to run through the entire organization. Without robust and effective internal communication, principles can easily weaken in the face of day-today reality, as Figure 30 nicely illustrates. This is often described as the strategy/execution gap.

Board enthusiasm means little if initiatives are met with cynicism on the front line. Strategies need to be fully explained to be successfully embraced at all levels of the business. Anticipate this and put measures in place to keep momentum going.