How are your Sustainability/ESG efforts going?

We talk to many businesses, and a prevailing theme is the gap between good intent (and formal policies) and actual execution. This is understandable, sustainability is easier said than done. The Sustainable Business Book and The PLANET System® products are designed to help you move to tangible action and make progress, wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

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The Sustainable Business Book

Everyone we speak to is saying Sustainability (or ESG) is top of their business agenda, but in most cases action appears limited. We appreciate many are struggling to get to grips with how to create an effective action plan, which is why we wrote The Sustainable Business Book and developed The PLANET System®.

The book and system are informed by a large amount of research, reading and consulting over the past six years. We have also been through the complete process of B Corp accreditation ourselves, which has helped to shine a light on our own business and make sure that we practice what we preach.

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Stop, Think, Challenge

New Sustainability Employee Engagement Workshops

In conjunction with The Sustainable Business Book + The PLANET System®, we have started running our Stop, Think, Challenge – employee engagement workshops. The interactive workshops encourage and empower employees to think and behave differently – leading to a happier, healthier, and more sustainable company culture. It all starts with a simple mantra: Stop, Think and Challenge – is there a better way of doing this?

The Ethical Business Book

Our Other Books

The Ethical Business Book was first published in 2019 and updated and reprinted in 2021.

It is a practical, non-preachy introductory guide to the world of responsible and sustainable business practice.

It was shortlisted and Highly Commended at the 2020 Business Book Awards.

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